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  • What different types of devices do you have to help with day to day needs?
    We have 3 different types of devices depending on what your needs are and where your vision is at. Portable reading devices-These devices have smaller viewing screens (the size of a cell phone and some a little larger) that can be carried with you or moved within the home. My clients like these devices because of the flexibility and convenience when using them for day to day needs. The downfall of portable devices are the screen size, which depending on how big you need to make the text, you won’t see very much without moving the device. Desktop reading devices-These devices allow you to put a paper or book underneath and see the words on a much larger screen. Most of my clients have a 24" screen. This allows you to see much more at a time when reading or viewing objects. We have a few different options with desktop devices but depending on your vision and in home needs, we would determine which type would be most helpful. The only downside with these devices is you can't move them around easily in the home. Devices with speech (OCR)-We do have a few desktop devices that will read text out loud to you. These devices are mostly used when a client has a lot of reading to do and their eyes get tired from reading with just magnification. Again like all of the devices, we would meet to determine which product is the best fit for your needs.
  • Will Your Products Help Me? How will they help?
    Yes, in most cases we are able to find a solution that will help you. It depends on what you want to accomplish with the device. Is it reading, looking at bills, or perhaps working on your hobby? Do you want portability? Lots of reading or just spot reading? These are some questions to ask yourself. The only way to know is to get in front of the device and see what you are comfortable using and works for you. In most cases the people I work with have Macular Degeneration. People with MD have no central,or spotty little central vision. This makes magnification and contrast very important because they use their peripheral vision to read the letters. It can take practice...but over time you become a little faster each day and better at reading the words when using the products. That is why I suggest setting an in home demonstration to try some things snd see what works best for you! Getting some items/papers together that you are actually having trouble seeing to find out what your options are.
  • Will I be able to see a whole page?
    Whether you can see the whole page on the device or not depends on 2 important things. Size of magnification-the larger you have to make the size of the text the less you see on the screen at a time. Size of screen you are viewing text on-having a larger screen (24" vs 20") will make a difference on what you see no matter what size magnification you are at. When I visit with a client we discuss and test these things before deciding on what product will best fit their needs.
  • I’m in my nineties and don’t know how much use I will get out of your devices?
    First of all, I tell my clients, 90 is the new 80. We need to find out if our products will help them in their day to day before deciding how much use they will get from it. The thing to think about if our products help, why would you limit yourself in your daily life. Reading your mail or a book helps keep your mind sharp and can give you something to look forward to. Ultimately the decision is up to them to decide if it is worth it.
  • I see really inexpensive used devices on Ebay. Would you recommend buying them?
    While some of the devices you see on Ebay are probably in good condition (maybe a parent/spouse has passed away that was using it) and now one of their kids or spouse are trying to sell it, there are a few things to keep in mind before making a decision. Is it being shipped directly to you in a box or can you go see it before purchasing? How are you going to know for sure how much wear and tear it has on it besides the pictures posted. How do you know for sure if the device will be helpful with what you need it for? Can you return it? Will you know how to use it? Is a manual included? How old is the device? Will you be able to set it up and operate it? These are just a few things I can think of but there are many other unknowns as well. I also sell gently used devices and although they are not necessarily as cheap as Ebay, there are a lot of benefits you will get when purchasing from me that you might not get otherwise. You will see the exact device in person so you will know what you are purchasing. I will deliver/set up/train you on the device at no extra cost. I give a 1 year warranty on all used devices. Before making any decision, I will bring the device to your home and make sure it will meet your needs first. I ensure that all the devices I sell are in good working condition. You can always call me with questions, if you need further help.
  • What if I have a problem with my device? Who do I call?
    First of all, I hope there are no problems with the device, but if there is, you can call me directly and I will help you. The one thing to know is if you purchase a device from me you will get great customer service for the entire time you own the device. Whether that means calling me up to ask a question, troubleshoot a problem or help you get a device repaired down the road. You can be rest assured that I will be there to help you every step of the way.
  • Do you sell used equipment?
    From time to time I do have gently used devices for sale. The nice thing is with the used equipment I sell, it is typically my demo units that I have had for a short time and have not been previously owned by a client. I also give a year warranty with the devices (if the manufacturer warranty has expired) along with delivery, set up and training which is included in the purchase price. You will have the same great customer service that I give to all of my clients. Also remember before any devices are purchased by my clients, a demonstration of the device in your home is done to determine that it is the right product for your needs. Contact me to see what is available.
  • Will the device be an eyesore with my decor?
    You would be surprised how often I get asked this question. I get it! I am into the look of my home as well. Something to consider though is if the device allows you to do things you are currently unable to do and improves your independence and quality of life, wouldn't a little inconvenience or adjustment be worth it. Sometimes my clients even have a desk or table out of the way that they aren't using that works perfect for the device.
  • What if my vision gets worse?
    The good news with our devices is if your vision gets worse you can increase magnification size to accommodate your needs. Also the fact that you have been using the product for some time, adjusting to larger text will not take much getting used to. Our portable products can increase size up to 20x and our desktop products up to 70x.
  • I have Macular Degeneration, will your devices work?"
    Most all of my clients have Macular Degeneration. Our products seem to work for many of them because in most cases with Macular Degeneration you lose your central sight but still have some peripheral vision. Our products allow you to increase the maginification bringing the things you want to see into the view of the vision you still have. Also contrast is a big problem with Macular Degeneration and our devices allow you to change the contrast to help viewing text easier. For example, a bright white background with dark black letters tends to help a lot of my clients. There are many other options as well. When I visit my clients for a free in home demonstration, we test all these different things to see what might be help you to see better.
  • Will I go blind with Macular Degeneration?
    When I hear my clients ask me "Will I go completely blind with Macular Degeneration?" I have to answer a reassuring NO. Now while I am not a low vision specialist or doctor, I have asked the question myself to these specialists, and their answer to me is no. Usually when you hear the word blind associated with Macular Degeneration, doctors are referring to the term legally blind, which is much different than completely blind. Legally blind means your visual acuity is 20/200 or greater. In more simpler terms it means you can only see the first letter at the top of the eye chart or you can only see in a very small window in your eye.
  • How much do your products cost? Does insurance cover it?
    Our devices range from 500 to 4,000 depending on which type of product. Although not inexpensive, the benefits of the devices in my clients day to day needs seem to outweigh the cost. As far as I know, medical insurance does not cover the costs of the devices but you can always check with them to make sure. Also if affordability is a concern, I do have from time to time slightly used devices that can be an option as well. The best thing to do is first give me a call and/or set an appointment to see if the products work for you and go from there.
  • Do you carry regular magnifiers?
    I do carry regular (optical) magnifiers. The thing to keep in mind is as magnification changes (your vision gets worse and you need something stronger) the viewing screen becomes smaller. For example a 3.5x magnifier is around the size of a cell phone screen but as magnification size increases the viewing size is smaller. A 10x magnifier is about the size of a quarter. For someone in the beginning stages of vision loss this product might be a good fit. The magnifiers all have built in lights and are good quality. But again seeing your different options is the best way to determine if this type of product will meet your needs.
  • Where are you located?
    I am located in Huntington Beach and service all of Orange County all the way up to Palos Verdes. The good news is not only am I located in Huntington Beach but the company also designs and manufactures the products here as well. This makes it very convenient for my me and my clients to not only get product quicker but avoid shipping costs as well. If a device needs repairing the turn around time is usually faster so you would not be without your device as long. In some cases I even have units I can loan out while a device is being repaired.
  • I do not use a computer, will I be able to use your devices?"
    The good news is that our devices are fairly simple to use. Most are just 3 buttons which is less than a TV remote. The buttons are for power on/off, size of magnification (bigger or smaller) and contrast (background and lettering). Now that is not to say we don’t have devices with additional features that can benefit my clients, but those can be learned over time and many are not necessary for what my clients need in their day to day. I do provide full training on any of our devices and my clients can reach me on my cell with any questions if they need help.
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